Iara Goes to the Beach


Iara wonders where she is off to today!


She sits patiently on the bus, after having paid her fare.


She looks out the window as she continues her trip via train. She’s already mastered using two forms of public transit, and without an opposable thumb to boot!


Iara finally arrives at her destination–Santa Monica pier!


Iara is starving after her long trip, so she decides to stop by the coffee shop and have some cake…by the ocean.


Iara decides to try riding the carousel!


She selects her steed and rides off into the proverbial sunset!–which is actually just in a circle, but she doesn’t mind.


As Iara makes her way down the pier, she sees this sign. She instantly regrets eating that cake earlier in the day.


Iara returns to the train to begin her trip home. She learns it is the first time in several decades the train made its way to the beach. She is glad she went despite how busy it was!


Iara enjoys the sunset as she returns home at last.

All of the above images were taken on the Metro Rail and Bus Lines and at Santa Monica Pier.


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