Iara Visits the Discovery Cube OC


Iara starts off her morning with a warm cup of tea. She knows she is in for another adventure!


She calls ahead on her Bananaphone V8. She knows Bubblefest can be a busy time at the Discovery Cube OC, even for her dinosaur relatives! Fortunately for her owner, the tickets haven’t sold out.


The interior of the Discovery Cube was filled with children and tons of hands on exhibits. Iara preferred the signage right away.


Iara was relieved to see one of her relatives at the Discovery Cube…


…only to see he was wasting away to bare bones. At least he still was able to digest his food.


Watching her giant herbivore friend eat constantly made Iara hungry. “There must be something to eat around here!” Iara complained to another of her kin. Alas, she was reduced to bare bones. “I guess you’re on the paleo diet,” she grumbled.


Iara made her way back inside the Discovery Cube. She found the Museum Store. A chubby Tyrannosaurus rex was guarding his relatives. “Maybe you know where I can get something to eat…?” Iara asked hopefully as she sat by the group of dinosaurs.

The T.rex’s answer was…


After doing some digging, Iara discovered a picture of her relatives staring down dinner. She sighed. It was time for her to go home…the bubbles were beautiful, but were not edible.


Thankfully, Iara was able to share dinner with her owner. It was a nice end to a long day out!


Iara can’t wait to have a new adventure!


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